Performance steering solutions - more details

OEM modified steering racks

  • We modify OEM steering racks for customer wishing a different steering ratio and or a different power assistance. We are used to produce prototypes or large batches of this kind of product.
  • Typical application: Road , Auto cross,  FIA GT3 , amateur rally , off road, single make series , prototypes

Prototype steering racks using parts from OEM racks

  • We produce prototype rack bars,  pinions, housings that, accordingly to the batch dimensions, can be cast or fully machined and we fit OEM modified parts. In this way we have more freedom in the interfaces design and more flexibility in the valve position and orientation
  • Typical application: Road , Auto cross, FIA GT3 , FIA R5 rally , FIA Cross country rally – Rally raid, Off road, single make series , prototypes

Fully prototype steering racks

  • Top end range of products FEM optimized and benefiting from our motorsport prototype valves  developed using hydraulic simulation tools and tailored to the customer assistance targets.
  • Typical application: FIA WRC rally, FIA RX rally cross, FIA WEC – GT –  Les Mans, FIA Cross country rally – Rally raid, single make series  , prototypes 
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