Technical consulting - more details

We provide a wide range of engineering services for motorsport and high performance vehicles in the area of body shell, suspensions, transmission using advanced commercial and self developed software

Examples of services already provided to FIA WRC, WTCC, WEC, Cross country - Rally raid and RX Rally cross manufacturers


  • Technical specification, concept design and performance evaluation of suspension and transmission system
  • Load cases specification

Simulation and calculation

  • Systems and whole car performance simulation
  • Vehicle dynamics (steady state and transient)
  • Stress and strain FEA including contact and bearings modelling
  • Gears calculation
  • Cooling performances calculations
  • Suspensions kinematics and dynamic simulations
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems simulations
  • CFD


  • Subassemblies basic bench testing
  • Efficiency, stiffness, load distribution, qualification tests
  • Engine thermal: radiators and coolers test 
  • Car test support
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