Mechanical steering pumps

We offer a wide range of steering pumps tuned to customers max pressure and regulated flow rate specification:


  • Constant and variable capacity
  • Back-flow protected
  • Unitarily rig tested
  • Axis driven or pulley driven

Electric Steering pumps

We offer OEM modified and fully prototype electric steering pumps:

  • 12V and 48V
  • Max pressure and flow tailored on the customer specification
  • Stand alone and CAN controlled
  • Back-flow protected
  • Unitarily rig tested

We also produce hybrid pumps that are both mechanically driven by the IC engine and powered by an electric motor when the car runs in pure electric mode.

Ball joints

We design and produce low friction ball joints for suspensions and steering rods tailored on the customer request:


  • FEM calculation is used for design taking into account also friction and tightening torque
  • Production is ISO 9001 compliant including material traceability
  • All parts are singularly run in and friction torque checked before delivery
  • Typical application: WRC and other rally classes, Cross country – Rally raid, RX rally cross, Off road, GT, WTCC and other circuit racing

Reservoirs, boots and ancillaries

We design and produce:

  • steering reservoirs with integrated filter and anti-foam system
  • A wide range of tailored boots
  • complete hydraulic steering solutions for prototypes and single make series.

Manual steering racks – Hydraulic power steering racks – Electric power steering racks

Pumps – E-pumps – Ball joints – Reservoirs – Boots

Special projects: shock absorbers and other motorsport subassemblies

Technical consultancy