Suspension dampers

We have developed a state of the art suspension shock absorber technology using development tools such as CFD, numerical simulation and FEA.

Fully independent 9 ways adjusters:

  • Low speed
  • Medium speed
  • High speed
  • Hydraulic bumpstop

Application: WRC Rally, Cross Country – Rally raid, Off road,  RX Rally Cross, Auto cross , WEC – GT – Les Mans , WTCC – Touring cars

  • Off road and circuit racing

Main technical features:


  • Wide variety of curve shape
  • Low sensitivity to viscosity -> characteristic does not depend on oil temperature


  • Low pressure chamber always connected to reservoir -> no risk of cavitation
  • Possibility to use low gas pressure -> reduced variation of ride height with temperature change
  • Low hysteresis


  • All the valves are accessible from outside (remote valves unit at the bottom of the damper)
  • 100% of the flow goes through adjustable valves = wide range of adjustment

Featuring hydraulic bump-stop and rebound control system for off road versions

Set up creator software allowing  damper  settings matching to targets

Motorsport subassemblies

We design and produce a variety of subassemblies for motorsport developed by us, by our customers or jointly:

  • Adjustable pedal boxes floor mounted or wall mounted
  • Gearshift actuators: mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuation
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Hydraulic multifunction units
  • Pressure limiters and flow regulators

Manual steering racks – Hydraulic power steering racks – Electric power steering racks

Pumps – E-pumps – Ball joints – Reservoirs – Boots

Special projects: shock absorbers and other motorsport subassemblies

Technical consultancy